Have an eSports team? Need to recruit? Want a website? Teamote.com is your place to get it.

Teamote.com is a site that will allow you to Recruit, Engage and Promote your team! If you don't have a team you will be able to find teams that are accepting new members or gather some friends and create one.

The idea is simple. Get a team, create a website hosted by Teamote.com (free and premium accounts will be available).

From there you will be able to recruit new members, register your team, find new teammates, and start your website. Gain fans, boost your fan base and keep them in the “know” about your team. Take your team to the next level by building your brand.

Perhaps the most exciting of this website is the ability to build your brand. Gain notoriety in the Fields of Justice and sell your brand to the eSports community. With a little marketing, you can take your team to the next level!

Let our Dev team know what you think. What would you like to see? Are you excited for this as much as we are?

Check us out on Twitter: https://twitter.com/goteamote

Watch this space for updates.