After the successful launch of BotList in April of 2016, we started to witness the bot ecosystem grow at an incredible rate. While the growth of a new industry swept the internet, Mubashar Iqbal and I saw the need for a place creatives could search and post bot related jobs. This conclusion led to the creation of BotJobs, a website that would work within our Bot Network.

BotJobs continues to be a solid branch off of our Bot ecosystem, but we wanted to create a better way for users to explore the jobs in our database, so we created the BotJobs Messenger Bot.

The quick and dirty

Since Mubs and I work full time throughout the week (Mubs is contract based and I’m the Creative Director at SimplyTapp), most of our time is spent focusing on building community products for BotList and running the day-to-day tasks, so we needed to spend minimal time on this project. We decided to use the bot building platform called, Chatfuel.

Chatfuel makes building a bot pretty straightforward by using a combination of tutorial examples, blog posts, and community portal to search for those tough issues. By using, Chatfuel, we exponentially reduced the time needed to build an effective Messenger bot.

Lessons learned

Since April of 2016, our mission was to approve quality bots onto our platform rather than quantity and with that being said, we’ve tested A LOT of bots for our approval process. Because we’ve tested almost every bot on BotList, it gives us an advantage to understand what works for a great user experience and what falls flat.

Oiling up the rust

While the BotJobs Messenger Bot is pretty straight forward, we now have a foundation to build off from. We can create important integrations either with Chatfuel’s plugin system or by creating our own API endpoints.

Chatfuel’s Plugin Support

Where do we go from here?

While the communication bot serves an important purpose, it’s not the complete solution. We will be adding easier ways for search, discovery, announcements, and the ability to post a job right through Messenger. We will also be looking at ways BotJobs can pull important data from BotList to make it a truly unique and dominating jobs board.

While we expand our network, it only makes our community and the tools that we provide stronger, so ‘like’ BotJobs on Facebook and test out the bot.

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About the Author

Seth is a Product Designer & Maker | Co-Founder of BotList, An App Store for Bots. 2016 Product Hunt Maker of the Year Nominee.

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