2017 Maker Challenge

1 year ago


After the successful launch of BotList in April of 2016, we started to witness the bot ecosystem grow at an incredible rate. While the growth of a new industry swept the internet, Mubashar Iqbal and I saw the need for a place creatives could search and post bot related jobs. This conclusion led to the creation of BotJobs, a website that would work within our Bot Network.

2 years ago

Really excited to get CL version 2.0 out.

Now Play US

3 years ago

Next Steps in Revamping the Platform

I've been thinking about how we can make NPU a more viable product and have been chatting with Mubs about our next steps. We believe that focusing on one platform/game might help the platform grow a bit.

Hashtag Vote

3 years ago

Updating the site for Worlds!

With October just weeks away, it can mean only two things... Cider donuts and League of Legends World Championships!!! So, for all of you League of Legends fans, Riot recently released the schedule for Worlds and we will be updating hashtagvote.me this weekend to reflect some intense eSports matches. Stay tuned...

Hashtag Vote

3 years ago

Introduction to Hashtag Vote

Back in June of 2014, Mubashar Iqbal came to me with the idea of using Twitter's API to use hashtags as a voting method for the FIFA World Cup. Over a few nights of hacking and designing, we created a simple way for people to use hashtagvote.me website and the backend would scrape twitter's API for certain hashtags that we were tracking during the events, so users didn't even have to use the site to vote.