2 years ago

The First 100 Beta Waitlist Members…

and an in-depth look at four Beta Listing services

OverVue’s online presence is only a few months old, but the reception has been pretty great so far, and it is no secret we have been trying to reach as many people as possible to join our Beta Waitlist(p.s You should join too!).
Currently, Overvue is sitting at 109 ‘Sign Up’ events(about the same number of subscribers that followed through with the double opt-in) and it looks like we are settling in at a few signups per week after the initial traffic bursts have come and gone.

2 years ago

Don’t be scared: Failing is worth a million lessons

“You’re probably going to fail”

Every first-time entrepreneur will hear those words. You can even believe those words, but until your dream is shattered into a million tiny little pieces, you don’t internalize those five words.