P2P video chat in a chrome extension. It allows to call contacts without having to leave current page, with a constraint to spice it up: you have 140 seconds to make your call, and can't call the same person twice in an hour.

The idea was to see how people react to very short video calls. Usually, when you make a video conference, you gear up and prepare yourself for at least 30 minutes. Make It Fast tries to create casual videochat, by adding this constraint of 140 seconds, a tribute to twitter's 140 chars.

The result was surprisingly fun. People start chatting like usual, then become more and more excited as the count down gets close to 0. In the very last seconds, they try to get a closure to say good bye, both at the same time, and get brutally shut down. Hilarity ensues.

We did this during the first Makerthon (the hackathon from Maker Hunt) in a week-end.

We got covered by The Next Web for this one: http://thenextweb.com/apps/2015/07/13/gone-in-140-...

Watch this space for updates.