Preparing marketing text for beta landing page

I've been working lately on preparing my messaging for Erudit's landing page, with the help of Violeta. What do you think about it?

Here it is:

Asking your team anything is now a no-brainer

Don't you often want to ask something to your team but wonder if it's worth interrupting someone? Or have the feeling this question has already been answered, but can't find exactly where after a reasonable amount of time? We've made Erudit so that writing a question to your team is as easy as asking the next guy - and if it has already been answered, Erudit will tell you even before you hit that "Send" button. Your question hasn't been answered yet? Great, it will contribute to your team's knowledge base!

Find the answer by yourself

By simply typing your question, you can find your answer by yourself. No more need to wonder if your question is worth asking.

No interruptions

Ask and answer questions without leaving your current page, directly from the browser extension. You will know when someone asked something and can decide to process it later if you prefer. And you'll never have to answer the same question twice.

Provide knowledge before anyone asks

Found a bug and its workaround in your admin interface? Drop a help note directly on the page to let everyone know. They won't even have to ask.


  • Dawson Botsford – Coder, entrepreneur, and Co-founder of HackCU. KPCB Fellow class of 2015. Sometimes I finish my sentences, but other times Reply

    I'm hooked, the wording is clean. Has this idea been attempted before? I think I read about a startup doing this recently.

    3 years ago

  • Olivier El Mekki Reply

    @dawsonbotsford Thanks Dawson!

    I've seen a few apps revolving around team knowledge lately, but none that made asking a question the central point. The fun thing is that Erudit has been each of them along the way :)

    I started thinking about it around December. In my company, by then, I've attempted to write an extensive documentation for admin area, because we were scaling and there were a lot of new staffers. But this was a failure: the documentation was always lacking and outdated. The reason for that was that it was developers who write documentation, and they always had better to do (and hate it). I realized that older staffers knew everything that has to be known to build a documentation, so I decided to make a webapp so that they can write documentation themselves.

    I then realized that they simply would not use it if they had to go to a third party website to fill it. So I decided to turn Erudit into a chrome extension: staffers would be able to create documentation directly from related page, and drop a "?" button in it to access documentation.

    Working on this concept, I realized that staffers had actually lot more useful knowledges to other staffers than developers had. We call this tribal knowledge, it's all those things people know but are written nowhere. So I decided to turn Erudit from a documentation app to a knowledge dumping app. That's where the closest similar product I've seen on Product Hunt is.

    I then made an extensive review of literature around tribal knowledge, and realized that's a problem only corporate companies care about. This came to a surprise to me, and I wondered why startups were not interested. I know startups way better than corporates, so I prefer to work with them. Reading articles, it seemed clear that dumping knowledge was seen has a pain. Corporates were implementing massive process to do it, and they forced employees to comply. And I realized why employees and startups did not like it: it brings no immediate value to them. They have to dump knowledge, in the hope it will be eventually useful.

    So I decided to rework the concept entirely to make it revolves around something immediately useful: asking questions. When you ask questions and got answered, knowledge is dumped as well. Except that the first user find it useful, and the second one find it gratifying. I don't know of any app beside Erudit allowing that currently :)

    3 years ago

  • Ross Currie Reply

    Don't forget to walk through this:

    3 years ago