Getting real

Here is a video demonstrating the single most important feature of Erudit: asking and answering questions.

I'm very sorry for the poor quality of sound, it seems like it's the best I can manage with my system. Oh, and if you hear a very strong french accent, that's definitely because of this sound recording problem too :P


  • Seth Louey – Creative Director @madglory, Communication Director @AIGAUPSTNY, hackathon addict, problem solver, lover of creativity. Reply

    Great video! really shows how useful Erudit is. I think I'd like to see how teammates are added.

    3 years ago

  • Olivier El Mekki Reply

    @sethlouey Thanks! Sure, I'll show more (spoiler: adding teammates is a simple invite form using email address ;) ). I think I'll show next adding media content, though, because I find it incredibly cool :P

    3 years ago