2 years ago

Hunting Topics

As Product Hunt has continued to grow in popularity, the number of new products hunted has grown too. Often approaching 100 products on active days, across the 4 categories of Tech, Games, Podcasts and Books.

Product Hunt recently introduced Topics as a way of filtering those products into topics that are of interest to its users.

I thought it would be interesting to provide a view of the Product Hunt homepage, limited to just those topics that you follow. So I added another section to Hunts.xyz

You'll need to login with your Product Hunt account, and make sure you've selected some Topics that are of interest to you, and enjoy Hunted products from only the Topics that interest you.

2 years ago

Still Checking ... Is It Opening Day?

5 years ago, I was excited for the start of the MLB baseball season. One page websites were the rage, so I turned my excitement into IsItOpeningDay

A simple one page website that told you if it was opening day for the MLB season.

Flash forward 5 years and I'm still checking if it is opening day, but I'm not just a fan of Baseball. I enjoy all the major sports.

I decided I would refresh IsItOpeningDay and include the other major US sports, and since I am a big soccer fan, the English Premier League too.

Still a simple one page website, with a mobile friendly responsive layout. You can quickly and easily see when Opening Day is for your favorite sports.

Check out the all new IsItOpeningDay?

Creators Log

2 years ago

Post Updates Without Projects

Updates to your projects are an important way for you to share your progress with fans, but not all updates belong to a specific project.

You can now post updates about your creator journey even those that don't belong to a specific project. Maybe how you're picking your next project, or a quick site you built at a hackahton that doesn't warrant a project of it's own. Any updates big or small can now be a part of your Creators Log.

This is just one of many updates we're working on behind the scenes to make Creators Log an even better place for you to share your story with fans old and new.

As always if you have any comments or suggestions we'd love to hear them.

Mubs & Seth

2 years ago

Pivoting Hunts

Since we built and launched Hunts.xyz Product Hunt has released Topics.

While the idea of Hunts is different from Topics on Product Hunt, it is similar enough that makes spending too much time on the idea hard to justify.

2 years ago

Product Hunt Activity

I needed to build a Github style activity tracker for a project at work. I love the at-a-glance visualization of this style.

I like to re-use code where possible, so I decided to implement a Activity Tracker for Product Hunt on Hunts.xyz.

Creators Log

3 years ago

Coming updates to Creators Log

Seth and I had a great meeting earlier this week to firm up our the plans for updating CreatorsLog.

We’ve received some really great feedback from the community and watched as you’ve used the platform, to see where we can make changes to better serve you.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be rolling out some changes that deal with following, projects, and making posting updates for projects and your creator journey in general much easier.

Creators Log

3 years ago

Week One

Just one week ago Seth and I opened Creators Log to everyone, no invite required. A lot has happened!

Creators Log

3 years ago

Creators Log Day 1

We had an amazing first day, thank you to everyone who visited the site, and even bigger thanks to anyone who signed up and is giving Creators Log a shot. We really appreciate it.

Creators Log

3 years ago

Public Beta

We’re pleased to announce Creators Log is now in public beta!

Until now we’ve asked you not to share the site, but no more! Post updates, share them, let everyone know about the projects you’re working on.


3 years ago

Awesome landing page for your podcast

Soundcloud is a great way to get started with podcasting. With a free account you can start uploading your episodes and distribute via RSS to your favorite podcasting apps and even the iTunes directory.

Sharing your podcast in that case however becomes sharing a Soundcloud page, and that's not cool. Feedsites was built to solve this problem.