2015/10/07 DASHBOARD UPDATE #2

Spent most of the this past week working on the Billing and Payments module and integration with Stripe.

Though it has been almost a week since the last post, a lot has been done. Most of the work has been with Stripe.com integration to access subscription and billable items.

I lifted most of the structure and from Pedro Alonso's great work with SaaEcom (https://github.com/pedropaf/saas-ecom/). However, I ended up re-writing all of it (and then re-writing it all again since I wasn't happy) in order to fit with CQRS and Event Sourcing.

Credit card details never hit the servers - just between the user and Stripe which means Foodie.St can side-step PCI legislation as it doesn't have to process payments itself.

Again love to get feedback in the comments as so far it has been extremely helpful!


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