SYNOPSIS: I began working with an up-and-coming vocal artist from the Bronx in 2012 [RP]. His visions of landing a recording deal and creating music to share with the world were far bigger than his wallet. New to the game myself at the time, I jumped on board and have helped him create a solid personal brand ever since.

We have now begun extending his dreams of leaving the streets to those around him as well. At the moment, thepeopleclub.net solely features his work.. but I am guiding him toward growing that concept larger.

MY ROLES: Full creative force. Website, LPs, Apparel, and 'consultant to the stars'. Based on the concept of Artists / Music / Merch / & Media, I want to grow this far bigger than one rapper. By pulling other people in RP's situation on board, we hope to give artists with little to no resources [but a whole lot of talent] a well designed and fully structured way to showcase their music. It's a volunteer-sourced record label whose sole purpose is to get talent off the streets and onto the air waves in style.

Based on how much effort they want to put forth, they are given access to high-end design and studio space to produce albums, merchandise, and supporting media. It is up to the artists to work toward the purchase of any materials needed to create products or to write their own lyrics. The harder they work, the more material they are able to have on the site. RP and his crew take care of recording music and videos, I do the full branding and help with production.

My hope is that the eye-catching branding will help them get noticed by the right people faster. With hard work from all parties, the resulting material will hopefully lead them to joining labels, getting played on the radio, and growing their creative network. The sky is the limit for this side project.

Watch this space for updates.