Day of the Dead Swag

Matching Stickers

Roll With The Punches
This month our resource for stickers had their equipment break, which left us stranded at the last minute. So we ran with it! Since these won't get here for the main bandana release, we will use them to add to packages later in the month when interest in the new product may lull. Could be a good marketing ploy in the end, who knows!

Moral of the story:

Shit happens. But if you make it work for you in the end, you win that round of life.


  • Seth Louey – Creative Director @madglory, Communication Director @AIGAUPSTNY, hackathon addict, problem solver, lover of creativity. Reply

    Love the mustache one! :D

    3 years ago

  • Denielle Medina – Pint-Sized Designer & Chronic Doodler Reply

    @sethlouey :D

    3 years ago